Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Household Duties

Taking a break from the lyrics, lets talk home economics. In our efforts to make this temporary duty furnished apartment more like our home, Jay and I purchased some homely effects. We are now growing herbs including basil, oregano, rosemary, and parsley. We also hung some curtains to fight the sun beaming in the house in the afternoon hours. They are helping tremendously with the temperature in the house as well as creating a more convincing movie theater atmosphere.

We grilled again on our second night with tasty results. The fish tacos were delicious and their southwestern flair was reflective of our new territory. We topped them with a refreshing citrus jalapeno coleslaw and made a black bean-corn salsa to accompany them. As you may be guessing, Jay and I love to cook together. He has become very experimental and open to new foods and combinations. Cut to us sharing apples and fresh almond butter yesterday. I'm so proud of him.

We toured base so that I could locate the Gym, Library (where you can rent movies), Commissary (grocery store), PX (everything store like Target or Wal-Mart), hospital, and where Jay will be training most days. It is a very small base set at the base of a huge mountain range. It's a very awing site since I come from Texas where the highest peak is in the hill country.

Lastly, yesterday was laundry day and Jay and I ventured out into the big city of Sierra Vista to the Snow White Launderette. It was obviously not the popular time for laundering since we had our choice of 30 or so machines. A few pages of our books flipped by along with an episode of the new and improved (uh not so much) Price is Right on their TV. Before we knew it we were so fresh and so clean. We had a folding party, one of my favorite kinds, and then headed back to the house/movie theater. Here are some photos from our launder-venture
Sierra Vista

Sherlock Holmes and homemade popcorn made for a great afternoon ending Jay's mini vacation before training starts Wednesday. I'll try to keep up the regular updates even if they are lacking the thrills of excitement and catchy lyrics you are used to reading. hehe


  1. So proud of you two - cooking together and the meal sounded delicious. Maybe you can make a repeat of same when we venture out to see you on Labor Day.

  2. it looks like you guys can have fun doing anything!! So glad you started blogging again!! :)

  3. I love keeping up to date with you guys via your creative blog. I love it so much and love you so much too!!!

  4. Oh man, you need to teach me how to make fish tacos, because i love love love them, and the one time i tried to make them, it was a total failure. I also may need tips on growing herbs because I killed our rosemary almost immediately, and our basil is starting to dry out, big time. Lastly, I'm so jealous of yalls Farmers Market, so many options!!