Monday, October 5, 2009


Anytime we see our puppies make an adorable face, sit or lay in a strange way, or play together; anytime they lick their nose, wag their tail, or sniff each other; and anytime they forget they are dogs and act like humans we get the urge to capture their adorableness in a photo or two or twenty.

We're not kidding ourselves here, we know they are ridiculously loved and spoiled. We swoon over them every minute of everyday. They are our little girls and we love to share their charisma, talents, and lovable hearts with anyone who walks by, calls, or in this case follows our blog.

So enjoy this short dedication to Killer and Daisy Duke. The two cutest canines who fill our hearts with joy everyday.

From Dogs


  1. They really are adorable - love the closeup of Daisy - she usually isn't still long enough to get a good pic of her face. Love the dogs adorable parents too. Who is taking care of the granddogs while you are away for the weekend or are they going too?

  2. cute! don't worry, our dogs are our babies, too. completely spoiled, but I wouldn't change a thing. give them both some love from me!