Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Asheville Wedding Weekend

Last we left each other, Jay and I were headed east to Asheville, NC for a wonderful wedding weekend. My sister, Angie, and her darling fiance, Nick, were about to head for the alter in a beautiful mountain town during the most beautiful season.

But first, Jay and I met up in Columbia, SC at Angie and Nick's house to reunite our puppies with their puppies. It was a huge doggy love-fest and a great reunion for the adults too. Angie, Jay and I tied up some loose ends while Nick worked his final hours as a single man. The cars were jam packed full of everything Angie and Nick would possibly need and we all headed to Asheville.

The first night we were in Asheville, Jay and I had an enchanted evening at the Biltmore estate. We started off with a wine tasting, then a cozy dinner, and the evening was sealed with a candlelight Christmas tour of the mansion. Perfect to get us ready for the holidays.

The second evening was a night for the bachelor and the bachelorette. Everyone convened at a pizza joint downtown and then headed off to their respected corners of the Asheville bar scene. Of course the girls had more fun, as you can tell. Impromptu toilet paper veils and lap dances were just a few of the highlights. From what I hear the boys had a great time gambling and harassing their cab drivers. Thanks to my awesome mom, the girls weren't without a sober driver as well.

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner, well it was dinner and a show. The Leyendeckers threw one heck of a party. All the wedding guests who were in town were invited. Dinner was divine and yours truly helped Angie and Nick put a memorable slide show together to celebrate their relationship. But the real show was Nick performing a crowd favorite and blast from the past, "My Ding-a-ling". No fear, I'll have the video on YouTube soon. :)

However, I feel as though I can't describe the wedding day. I know that is disappointing, but I truly don't feel I will do Angie and Nick justice. They arranged an autumn wedding resembling a fairy tale complete with her sparkling princess dress pillowing like icing on a wedding cake, the gorgeous glen where they tied the knot, and the not so poisonous yet sweet caramel apple favors. Everything mirrored the colors of fall and the celebration was so quaint.

But don't think we didn't have a super duper dance party after the cake cutting, toasts, and first dance. Let's just say there wasn't a dry shirt/dress in the place. You know it means it was a good time when we all needed at least a day of recovery after the weekend.

Monday came and it was on to our next journey...Clarksville, TN.

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  1. It sounds like you all had a wondeful time. You girls looked amazing all weekend and Angie was a stunning bride. I look forward to talking to you soon so you can give me even more details...miss you, love you! Congrats to ANGIE and NICK!