Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Weekend!

As I take a break from drawing, I feel like giving a shout out to all our family and friends in hopes that you all have a wonderfully awesome spaztastic weekend! You deserve it!

I want to remind you all that Jay and I love you all so incredibly much. You have stuck with us through all of our swerves, flat tires, speeding tickets, and construction zones of life. We know it couldn't have been easy for you to stay so supportive and always think of just the right thing to say. You all rose to every occasion and provided the utmost unconditional support we could ever need. Each one of you is a guardrail bouncing us back on the road and keeping our eyes on the prize. There is no way we would have made it back on track without you. Please know we thank God everyday for you and your loyalty to us. We are so incredibly blessed to have each one of you riding shotgun with us down our boulevard of dreams.

Okay so I know those were some silly repetitive cliches, but I thought I should stick with the traveling theme and reflect our blog's title. I just hope I perked a smile or two. :)

Happy Friday everyone! We love you!!!!


  1. Happy weekend to you too my dear! You write so beautifully... maybe you should consider a book some day!? Thank you also for being such a wonderful, listening, supportive, spiritual and beautiful friend! You are missed mucho!

  2. We love you too and miss you so much.

  3. I smiled... and cried a little. Miss you guys, but I'm so glad you are together and enjoying life!