Monday, August 24, 2009

Higher Place

So you think you got it all in place now
No distractions under control
Yet there's something missing inside me
I'm chasing shadows of myself
And the clocks are ticking
Oh my world is spinning
Spinning 'round and 'round
And 'round and 'round again

And I try
I try to reason why
Don't you know I can't go on this way
Baby please don't walk away there is this place
Where I toss away my pride
So you can see that I'm the one
To take you to a higher place this time

Jay and I feel so fortunate to be in such an enlightened place in our lives, where we've climbed out of the sadness of our past and are ready to stand tall again. I think many of our friends and family were very surprised at how gracefully we were able to brace ourselves after such life altering experiences in our first few years of marriage. We are almost at the end of year 4 and it really doesn't seem as though our careers as husband and wife have been that long. That's probably because technically we haven't been husband and wife in the same house for even half that time. Hahaha, you should be laughing too because we find nothing but humor in that. We have experienced many blessings in our short tenure and wouldn't change one moment of the last few years.

We climbed many mountains to get where we are today and because of those journeys we bask in the panoramic views of life that many aren't as fortunate to see. We are very lucky to be standing tall, hand in hand facing what we feel is a peak in our life. We are together and are both very healthy, such an accomplishment in itself for us :). In turn, we were energized to take on a climb to a peak in the Sierra Vista Mountains. I am a hiking virgin, but I am married to a well traveled and experienced climber. So my handsome and rugged tour guide made sure I was outfitted for the trek and we set out for breathtaking views of the valley in which we call home for the time being.

We started out around 6 a.m. on Saturday. The previous night's showers left the air crisp and the sun hidden behind the lingering clouds as it rose; perfect climate for a hike. We hiked, as far as I was concerned, up a very steep grade to our lookout point in about 30 minutes. First of all, I was so proud that I made it, and secondly I made it without getting spooked by any rustling noises that I would swear were snakes. The lookout point was actually a pile of large rocks set out on the edge of a mountain, a picturesque perch perfect for viewing the valley. I couldn't think too hard about hugging the side of a mountain or I wouldn't have done it. I just took Jay's hand and climbed the rocks to the most beautiful sight I had ever seen in Arizona. Jay and I basked in the cool air, God's gorgeous landscape, nearly 360 degree views of the Huachuca Valley, and most enjoyably, each other's company until the sun finally split through the clouds. That is by far my most favorite part of Sierra Vista, AZ.

Our next task on our To Do List for the weekend was to head over to Tucson for a little ink job. You all probably know that we are not foreign to the idea of marking ourselves with symbols, words, or objects that mean something to us. We have been anxiously awaiting our next tattoo for sometime now especially since I've had it drawn and Jay's been carrying it around for over a year. We just wanted to make sure we chose the right artist and we were both in the same place. Saturday at Majestic Tattoo in Tucson, AZ proved to be that right time and place. We both wanted to memorialize Abigail in a very special and everlasting way. Jay and I are so pleased in how they turned out. As we were driving home, we got a sign that Abigail liked them too.

And finally, I feel as though you are all waiting for me to discuss our delicious delectables we dined on this weekend. After all your comments, I felt so guilty for making everyones' mouths water especially since you all were probably reading that entry at work where there wasn't much but snacks to dive into in your desk drawers. But don't worry I'll be back soon with another enticing entry on good eats in the Phoenix area when we visit this weekend.
I will, however, leave you with one food for thought... After hearing how vegetarian diets are better on the environment and our carbon footprint, Jay came to a decision that he was willing to try one vegetarian day a week. To my surprise, and I'm sure yours as well, my carnivorous husband was opening his mind to food in ways I had never expected. I was so pleased to hear that since I have been eating less and less meat over the past few months. So we had our first vegetarian day Sunday, and I am happy to report Jay was fully satisfied Sunday evening when we sat down to read before heading to bed. He even suggested we try adding an additional vegetarian day every couple of weeks. I was shocked! even think there might be an entire vegetarian week in our future...holey tofu Batman!


  1. You two are so amazing! The tattoos are beautiful and the rainbow gave me chills. Love you both.

  2. Those pictures were amazing. Makes me want to buy a backpack and venture out into the Kentucky hills! Love the tats, and I second what Renee said -- the rainbow gave me chills. Also, wouldn't it be funny if Petra comes back to the states after 3 years abroad and we're all a bunch of hippies -- exploring nature and not eating meat!

  3. I love the tattoos and the rainbow!

  4. I love, LOVE your tattoos. (and I'm not an ink person) And the rainbow made me cry. Enjoy your view from the top!