Monday, August 10, 2009

I Got a Reason

Lyin' there I watch you sleep
One kiss before I leave, what you've done to me
I'm gonna tell the world... Yeah

We hope you all had a great weekend! We did, and it was quite successful! Friday night Jay had the opportunity to socialize with his classmates over drinks and appetizers. Spouses were not included on the guest list due to limited budget, so I offered to be his designated driver and dropped him off at the Blues Cafe (side note - I've been wanting to try the Blues Cafe since we arrived in AZ of course they choose it as the site of their social). It felt as though I was taking a teenager to a friend's house on a friday night. As he closed the door, I yelled in a motherly tone, "Call me in a couple of hours, and I'll come pick you up". So silly.

Saturday we thoroughly enjoyed the Yankees/Red Sox game and later were invited over to our neighbors' house to watch the UFC fight. Our other neighbor was there as well, and we had a great time laughing, getting to know each other and watching several men kick the living crap out of each other. However, I still don't get the thrill of it. I mean, come on, it's no WWF circa 1990 when Randy Savage takes on the Undertaker. It looked too real.

Sunday was probably the most successful day since the Yankees ended up sweeping the Red Sox in an exciting rivalry series. Jay was screaming like he had just won the lottery, but in a way he really kind of did. The Yankees are up 6.5 games over the Red Sox in the AL East AND the Rangers are now tied with the Red Sox for the wild card position. Sadly I have no really exciting news to report of the Astros, but maybe someday I will. Until then, I can relish in my adorably ecstatic hubby's excitement.

Also on Sunday morning, we took the dogs for a walk down by this park we found. It was a beautiful morning, as most are in Sierra Vista around this time of the year. Nice and breezy and not too hot. After a few laps we thought the dogs might like to a try a different activity. Killer kept pulling us to the shady spots as we were walking so we decided to let them play in one of the few shady spots, aka the jungle gym. You know the ones with the slides, tubes you crawl through, the different ladders and steps. They LOVED it! Killer was a little weary at first, but her first swoosh down the slide settled her in. She slipped and slid on her backside for a short bit, but landed squarely on all fours. Daisy was a pro and all about the climbing and sliding. Killer's favorite part was the fact that it was in the shade. We felt like kids again and can't wait to ride down the slides with our own kids soon.

Another great weekend with the one and only person I was meant to be with. We have such fun together and we are so thankful for our time together. I love the fact that we can make the best out of any situation we are thrown into. Life is funny sometimes, and I think the best thing we can do is laugh along with it instead of trying not to smile. Wouldn't you agree! So don't forget to smile at life today, and everyday that follows. :)

I got a reason to feel alive
You put the smile on my face
There'll be no more lonely nights in this town
Oh no... no... 'cause I got a reason


  1. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to hear you two hanging out together and being so happy. It is much deserved - you have been separted so much of your marriage by Jay's job. It does my heart good.

  2. You guys are so perfect for each other. It makes me smile and giggle along with you!!! :)